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Amarillo: New Logo In Question


The city of Amarillo unveiled its new logo at the kickoff of the centennial celebration this weekend, and the design is under review after officials discovered the design is similar to one used by a Dubai company according to a recent story in the Amarillo Globe-News.

“We had several different designs submitted by different people involved in the branding process,” said City spokesperson Sonja Gross. “Based on the feedback that we received in those projects, in-house we designed a logo that we’re very proud of ... Even though we vetted it in-house to make sure that it did not exist out there, somehow it slipped through the cracks and it was brought to our attention (Monday) by someone else in our IT (department).”

Gross said two city departments researched the artwork to avoid duplication with any similar designs and did not find any. Gross said city staff designed the logo, but declined to identify who designed the emblem.

Mayor Paul Harpole said the city is looking into whether it might be possible to tweak the design.