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Time could get confusing along the KS-CO line

A ballot initiative being promoted by a Lakewood, Colorado couple to keep the state permanently on Mountain Daylight Time could make time keeping tricky for those crossing through four Kansas counties on the Colorado border. 

If the ballot proposal makes it all the way to becoming law, Colorado would not “fall back” an hour in November and would be on the same time as most of Kansas as it switches back to Standard Time.  That would leave Hamilton, Greeley, Wallace and Sherman counties on the western edge of Kansas that observe Mountain Time as a time island.  Assuming they stayed with Daylight Savings Time and did not follow Colorado’s change, they would be an hour behind counties to both the east and west.  A traveler along I-70 might note the time had changed in passing through Goodland in Sherman County only to find it hadn’t a few miles later.

The couple advocating keeping Colorado on DST all year finds the twice a year time change “incredibly difficult”, especially for children, and believes it causes unnecessary business confusion and even increased workplace injuries, according to a Denver Post article.

Any change is not eminent.  Getting the proposal on the ballot will require over 86,000 signatures and the couple doesn’t have the big money typically spent securing them. (Promoters of the initiative legalizing marijuana spent $183,000 just on signature gathering.)  Right now they are just planning a friends and family effort outside of grocery stores.