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US Farmers Markets Evolve with Changing Times

Meagan Perosha
Civil Eats

Farmer’s markets are thriving in the US. As of last year, there were over 8,000 of them across the nation. But these American institutions have changed a good deal over the past decades, notes Harvest Public Media.

For example, while many farmer’s markets are thriving, they are no longer the only way to sell local food. Consumers now turn to grocery stores, delivery services, and community supported agriculture, or CSA, programs.

Another change: Many farmer’s markets now employ social media, including Facebook pages and tweets, to promote themselves.

Farmers markets are also becoming more accessible to all Americans, regardless of income. For example, many markets now accept SNAP benefits.

And many farmer’s markets are now also offering education services to go with their produce. Markets everywhere are trying to make sure that customers leave knowing more about the foods they’re consuming.