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Kansas Resident Has Collected 6,000 Fossils


The High Plains has its very own Indiana Jones, and he’s alive and well, reports Salina.com. Bob Levin, a resident of Smith Center, Kansas, is an amateur paleontologist. He’s spent a lifetime hunting fossils. Over the years, he’s amassed a collection of 6,000 artifacts.

Levin was seven years old when he found deer antlers sticking out of a creek bed. That was enough to get him interested in studying and collecting animal fossils. After his retirement in 2000, Levin stepped up his search for ancient bones and teeth. Now 76, he’s still going strong.

His latest find, a mammoth hip, was discovered just last month. Last year he found the remains of a Tylosaurus proriger, a reptile-like animal. “It looked like an alligator except it didn’t have feet, it had paddles,” he said. The animal’s skull was four feet long.