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Hard feelings linger in an Oklahoma town, after newspaper endorsed Clinton

Nick Oxford
New York Times

Oklahoma residents are having trouble forgiving an Oklahoma newspaper that endorsed Hillary Clinton during the election.

As The New York Times reports, The Enid News & Eagle is a small regional newspaper with a circulation of just 10,000. But 162 of those subscribers defected after the paper endorsed the Democratic nominee this year. Eleven of the paper’s advertisers pulled their ads. A Trump supporter even threatened to physically assault the paper’s editor while he was dining with his wife at the local Western Sizzlin steakhouse.

Before this year, the News & Eagle hadn’t endorsed a Democratic candidate for president in the entire modern history of the paper, dating back to 1893. The paper’s editor knew he was walking into a hornet’s nest by endorsing Clinton. But he wrote the editorial anyway.

As one journalism professor in Oklahoma City put it, “It takes guts to do that in Enid, Oklahoma.”