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Conservative backlash against a small-town Oklahoma newspaper spurs a counter-backlash

Nick Oxford
The New York Times

Last week HPPR reported on a newspaper in northwestern Oklahoma that endorsed Hillary Clinton during the general election and received a harsh backlash.

After its recommendation—the first such endorsement by the paper in over a century—the paper lost two percent of its subscribers, and the paper’s editor was threatened with physical assault while out to dinner with his wife.

Now, as The New York Times reports, the backlash against the paper has triggered a counter-backlash. Since the story broke about Enid’s hard feelings, the paper has received more than 200 new subscriptions and donations. Most of the new donations appear to come from out-of-state Democrats.

One new subscriber, Ben Harding, is an engineer in Colorado. He said, “I’ve done quite a bit of work in Oklahoma, so I know how conservative the state is, and that just reinforced my feeling that these folks were pretty gutsy."