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Colorado rancher shows support for Trump in a big way

9 News

An eastern Colorado rancher is showing his support of President Donald Trump in a way only a rancher, or farmer, could come up with.

As 9 News reports, rancher Doug Koehn of Limon, in frustration at some of the negativity coming from opponents of Trump, hopped on his plow and carved the word “TRUMP” in big block letters into his field.

The letters are approximately 800 feet wide and 800 feet long, a mile-long Trump, Koehn told 9 News.

While it can’t really be read from ground level, a 9 News drone captured a bird's eye view of the massive show of support which is located in close proximity to several windmills.

Koehn said prior to last year, he had never voted in an election, but that he was inspired to cast a ballot for Trump. He said he was embarrassed that Colorado voted for Hillary Clinton last year and wanted to show that Trump has healthy support in Colorado’s eastern rural plains.