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Texas Gained 400,000 New Residents in 2017

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Texas will close 2017 with almost half a million more residents at the end of the year than it had at the beginning.

As Texas Monthly reports, the Lone Star State welcomed 400,000 new Texans last year, with most of the fresh arrivals listed as newborn babies rather than outsiders moving in. The population of the state now stands at almost 29 million.

Texas was the seventh fastest-growing state this year. States that are growing faster include Utah, Nevada and Idaho, which is the fastest growing state in the country.

190,000 more people moved into the state than left it, a statistic known as “net migration.”

That means, in new migrants to the state, Texas gained approximately the population of Amarillo this year. 

Overall this year, the United States population increased by 2.3 million people, and now stands at 326 million.