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“Hey Amarillo” Podcast Shows Texas Panhandle From Many Perspectives

Jason Boyett

A podcast about the Texas Panhandle has been gaining a good deal of attention in recent months.

Author Jason Boyett, who grew up in Amarillo, says he started the “Hey Amarillo” podcast for a couple of reasons. The project allows him to give back to his hometown, and it also provides panhandle residents with a chance to hear from people who live near them but aren’t necessarily like them.

Recent guests include Amarillo mayor Ginger Nelson, a DACA recipient, and an NAACP board member, and a young entrepreneur.

Xcel Energy spokesman and local poet Wes Reeves said the Hey Amarillo podcast is just what Amarillo needs.

“No politics, no animosity - just an honest look at who we are and who we want to be,” said Reeves.

Boyett says the podcast has been a fun experiment, and he hopes it continues indefinitely.

The “Hey Amarillo” podcast is available for free on iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher, as well as online at heyamarillo.com