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"New York Times" Spotlights Amarillo's Open-Minded Refugee Stance

Public Domain via Pixabay

The city of Amarillo made an appearance on the national stage on Tuesday, as the city was featured in The New York Times.

The nation’s most prominent newspaper published an article entitled, “Texas’ Governor Said No to Refugees. In Amarillo, They’re Saying Maybe.”

As of Tuesday evening, the story was being spread widely by social media accounts in West Texas, fostering a discussion on Amarillo’s role in Texas’s refugee resettlement program. Amarillo has long been more welcoming to refugees than many other parts of the state.

The article featured photos of an Amarillo refugee, a panhandle meatpacking plant, and Mayor Ginger Nelson, who supports the refugee influx. The story also featured a photo and a quote from Randall County Republican Party Chairman Tim Revell, who told the Times: “You can only take politics so far. . . . When you’re looking at people suffering, it’s another deal.”