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KCSE-FM 91.7 in Lamar is back on the air!
The satellite receiver that failed on Monday has been replaced and KCSE is now operating normally. Out apologies for the service disruption and our thanks for your understanding.
If you have question about KCSE or any of HPPR's transmitter sites, contact cspringer@hppr.org, HPPR's chief engineer.

KGUY, Guymon 91.3 is off the air


UPDATE! Efforts continue on locating a new site for our Guymon, Oklahoma transmitter (KGUY). A potential site has been identified and negotiations are underway. Once the site has been obtained, construction of the antenna and transmitter will take approximately 30 days. KGUY has been off the air since mid-September.

On Saturday, September 19, 2015, KGUY 91.3 FM was taken off the air due to serious safety concerns. This decision was made at the broadcast tower site after a crew unsuccessfully tried to climb the tower to make repairs. The severity of the tower damage led to a decision by the tower owner, American Tower, to take the tower down immediately. In the process, a significant amount of damage occurred to our broadcast equipment.

High Plains Public Radio is in the process of locating a new tower site, making equipment repairs and acquiring a new antenna; however, it will be a while before that process is complete. In the meantime, you can listen to HPPR on either 91.1 FM or 89.5 FM. While neither is ideal, both of these station are listen-able signals for most of the Guymon area. Of course, you can also stream us online at www.hppr.org.

As soon as we have more information, we will let you know. You can stay updated on the progress at KGUY by visiting our website,  hppr.org. If you have any questions, please call us at 800-678-7444 or e-mail director@hppr.org