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TUNED IN: Celebrate HPPR Land With Us During Our 2019 Spring Membership Campaign


Place defines us.

One of the first questions we usually ask after meeting someone for the first time is, “Where are you from?”


The answer to this “Where are you from?” question usually blossoms into a lively conversation about shared acquaintances, hometown landmarks and legends, and memories of long-ago visits. We all have a place we cherish - the home we were raised in, the farm we visited as youngsters, the high school halls we once roamed, the town where a grain elevator can be spotted from miles away, and so on. Our hearts are connected to these plots of land.

Over the next few days, High Plains Public Radio is celebrating the place we call home, the High Plains. Examples of our region’s awe-inspiring beauty are found on HPPR’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. Use the hashtag #ThisIsHPPRLand to see photos and to share your own.

“We are HPPR Land” is a statement of where we are, who we are, and what binds residents of the High Plains together. It’s also the theme of HPPR’s Spring 2019 Membership Campaign.

After almost 40 years on the air, High Plains Public Radio is deeply embedded into the parts of the five states covered by HPPR’s signal. HPPR is a close companion to listeners who spend their days and their nights listening to the unique news and information programs heard on High Plains Public Radio and HPPR Connect.

Listener support keeps High Plains Public Radio and HPPR Connect going. Think of an army of contributors and volunteers who march alongside their High Plains neighbors to ensure their hometowns receive unique musical shows and top-quality news and information.

During HPPR’s Spring 2019 Membership Campaign, we ask new members to join our ranks and for longtime supporters to consider renewing their commitments. It takes this army to keep HPPR strong and on the air.

What comes out of speakers tuned to HPPR and HPPR Connect isn’t generic. The voices are very much a part of the High Plains. We are public radio for, of, and by residents of the High Plains.

This is HPPR Land, a wonderful place where public radio ties us together. Please add your support during our Spring 2019 Membership Campaign by going to hppr.org. AND ONE MORE THING: Tell your friends and neighbors about High Plains Public Radio and HPPR Connect, and how they can keep these services going strong in the place we call home.




Share Your Photos of the High Plains Using the #ThisIsHPPRLand hashtag

Tell Us About Your High Plains Hometown And Its Future

Click here, take this survey, and share your thoughts on your High Plains hometown. Stand by. In coming weeks, we’ll have more info on this major project.


HPPR.org is your go-to spot for the latest news from the High Plains region, as well as our events, exclusives, and features. You’ll also find the latest national and international news. Here are this week's TOP STORIES from our website.

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HPPR’s Living Room Concert series brings live music to the High Plains. Check out the schedule here.


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