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TUNED IN: Noxious Cattle Waste? There’s A Drug For That.

Corinne Boyer
Kansas News Service


“What if you could add something to animal feed that changes the chemistry within cattle, that converts more of what they eat into weight and less in ammonia-heavy poop and pee? Turns out there’s a new drug for that. And one that, maybe, could help cattle put on weight.”

So begins an amazing story by Corinne Boyer that aired this week on High Plains Public Radio and across the network of Kansas News Service public radio stations  this week. You may have seen it in your local newspaper.

If you missed this informative and timely story, then give it a read here or listen to it here:


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Fun facts to know and share from this week’s news on High Plains Public Radio and HPPR Connect:

> “Vaping is just considered not harmful, even though there are no data to support that statement. There are more and more data to actually oppose that statement.” — University of Kansas researcher Matthias Salathe 

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> “It's impossible to imagine where Volkswagen would be without the Beetle. While its time has come, the role it has played in the evolution of our brand will be forever cherished.” — Scott Keogh, president and CEO of Volkswagen Group of America

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> “You have to define who you are before your opponent does.” — Oklahoma Lt. Gov. Matt Pinnell 

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