Major Giving ... making a real difference

HPPR's KTOT-FM tower in the TX Panhandle

Public radio on the High Plains has a long history of extraordinary local private support for its existence and growth. The tradition started in the 1970's when individuals became "blue sky" members of a station that wouldn't exist until 1980 when KANZ went on the air as HPPR's first station. This tradition continued over the years as residents of communities across Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma and Texas raised funds to build and support new HPPR stations to serve their communities. This tradition continues today, as individuals provide levels of support that go the extra mile to support HPPR's programming service via a network of 21 stations.

It's a tradition that's borne of necessity. A public radio station with a single transmitter in an urban area can readily reach five to ten times the population of HPPR's entire four-state network. It can do well by tapping its large population base for just average levels of support. But it takes more than "average" support on the High Plains. There's far less population being reached and far greater expense to reach it (e.g. operating 21 transmitters rather than one).

Fortunately, on the High Plains there are those who provide far more than average support. Their support ensures that the region benefits from public radio service the same as urban centers like Dallas, Denver and Kansas City. It also ensures that the service received is regionally owned, operated and oriented.

You can continue this tradition of extraordinary support that keeps public radio thriving on the High Plains in various ways:

Major annual membership at an "extra share" level with special benefits and recognition:

  • Pioneer ($1,000 - $2,499)
  • Groundbreaker ($2,500 - $4,999)
  • Trailblazer ($5,000 - $9,999)
  • Explorer ($10,000 +)

Learn more about the value, benefits, recognition and ways to give at these levels or contribute now on-line.

Major gifts to support particular aspects of HPPR's service to the region, including:

  • Signal service to your community
  • Awareness of public radio in your community
  • Regional history, culture, environment and community life programming
  • Web service from the High Plains to the world
  • National programming acquisition

Learn more about these major gift opportunities.

Challenge grants to encourage others to join as new members or renew their memberships in HPPR.
Learn more about offering a challenge grant.

Gifts of securities to avoid capital gains taxes while also receiving a charitable contribution for the current market value.
Learn more about donating through a gift of securities.

Planned giving to ensure your community and the High Plains region is well served by public radio for generations to come.
Learn more about planned giving options and contacts.