Andrew Linnabary

Andrew is an intern at KMUW’s News Lab. He is a senior at Wichita State University studying journalism. When not writing, he enjoys listening to hip-hop, exploring Kansas, making music and diving deep into the internet.

Break out your boots.

Nineteen Kansas state parks, including Cheney and El Dorado, are hosting New Year’s Day hikes.

Park rangers will lead hikers through dense woodlands, sweeping prairie grass and along the shores of lakes.

Jill Johnson, an administrator at El Dorado State Park, said the hike at her park has “lots of trees” and plenty of birds.

“This time of year we see some eagles,” Johnson said. “So (we will be) kind of just taking nature in, pretty much.”

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is borrowing $12 billion to aid farmers as part of its trade relief program.

Most of that money will go directly to farmers hurt by the trade war with China and other countries, but $1.2 billion will be used to buy surplus food.

That food will go to places like the Kansas Food Bank, where it’s then distributed to food assistance agencies across the state.

“We are the warehouse, and (our partners) are like the individual arms,” said Kansas Food Bank President Brian Walker.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is investing $1.2 billion to help rebuild and improve rural water infrastructure across the nation.

Of the 234 water infrastructure projects nationally, 16 are in Kansas, including one in Valley Center.

The city will get a $3.1 million loan to replace a portion of its aging water distribution system with new water lines, service lines, valves and hydrants. Corroded cast-iron pipe from the 1960s will be replaced.

Here’s the list of the other projects in Kansas: