Bryan Bihorel

Broadcast Operations Manager

Bryan is an audio engineer with over 15 years of experience in recording, chopping up, rearranging, processing, and mixing audio of all kinds. Having started off in the music industry, he ended up merging his love of audio production with his love of public radio by by changing careers. He was Assistant Radio Operations Manager at WUSF Public Media in Tampa, Florida for four and a half years before moving to Garden City and joining the High Plains Public Radio family. He was also the co-founder, producer, and editor of a weekly podcast/radio feature called Everyday Ethics, which can still be heard on WMNF Radio 88.5 in Tampa, Florida. You hear him as the local host for Morning Edition every weekday morning, and the adventurous among you hear him as the host of Punk & Disorderly on Saturday nights. As a lifelong public radio listener, it is his passion to help make public radio happen on the high plains.
When he's not hosting the morning show or the punk show, and all of the daily operations are completed, he's more than likely at home with his wife and infant daughter, living in the moment.

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