Cameron Plumley


Cameron Plumley joined HPPR’s Amarillo Studio team as an intern in September of 2019. He’s working through Amarillo Independent School District’s PRO internship program. Cameron will be working primarily on graphic design projects, as he has extensive experience through AACAL (Amarillo Area Center for Advanced Learning). He will also develop social media marketing, on-air promos, and audio editing/engineering. In his spare time, Cameron produces music across a variety of genres: Hip Hop, Alternative, and Indie. His future goals include being on tour with friends and creating music for millions of fans. He plans to attend West Texas A&M University, where he will pursue a degree in Graphic Design. Cameron also enjoys listening to his vast vinyl collection and loves seeing movies with his family. He is super excited to spend his time supporting public radio on the High Plains.

What’s better than walking upstairs and seeing a team of Clydesdales tromping up Polk Street just outside of HPPR’s Amarillo studio? The answer: not much! We were thrilled to witness the exhibition of the Budweiser Clydesdales, on parade for the WRCA World Championship Ranch Rodeo. Thanks to Beth Duke, Executive Director at Center City of Amarillo, for letting us know. On Nov. 6, we were able to catch a few great shots. We hope you enjoy them!