Casey Ellis

Former Intern (2018-2019)

Casey Ellis joined HPPR in September 2018 as a senior intern through Amarillo Independent School District’s PRO Internship program. She has been a lifelong HPPR listener and fondly remembers listening to morning programming in her mom’s car on the way to school.

In the studio, Casey writes copy, records audio promos, designs visual media, volunteers at HPPR Living Room Concerts, and drinks all the San Pellegrino in the fridge. Otherwise, she can usually be found in band rehearsal, translating Latin prose, or attempting to exercise her obese cat.

During my internship at HPPR, I had the opportunity to speak with Joni Carswell, the CEO and President of the Texas-based conservation foundation Texan By Nature. Founded by former First Lady Laura Bush in 2011, Texan By Nature aims to unite business and conservation leaders who believe the well-being of Texas is dependent on the conservation of our natural resources.