Chuck Springer

Chief Engineer

As Chief Engineer, Chuck is responsible for the maintenance, repair and improvement of HPPR’s entire technical infrastructure.  This includes direct responsibility for the Garden City Studios, eight high power FM transmitter sites and seven FM translator sites in Kansas, Oklahoma and Colorado, and the satellite uplink/downlink, microwave and internet-based networks used to interconnect all facilities.  He also oversees contract engineering services for HPPR’s Amarillo studios and four FM transmitter and two FM translator sites in the Texas Panhandle. 

Throughout the year Chuck spends a good deal of time on the road visiting all these sites for maintenance and repairs to ensure that HPPR's signal is reliable throughout the High Plains listening area.  Since joining HPPR in 2001, Chuck has built, upgraded or rebuilt almost the entire HPPR network of transmission sites and studios.

Location: Garden City, KS studios

Phone: (800) 678-7444 or (620) 275-7444

Ways to Connect

Listeners in Dodge City can now hear a stronger High Plains Public Radio signal by tuning to 91.9 FM. This new service is possible through a cooperative arrangement with the Dodge City Community College to use its station, KONQ-FM 91.9, to rebroadcasts HPPR's programming on weekdays from midnight to 9 am and all day Saturday. During others hours KONQ continues to broadcast its regular student and Spanish language programming. 

According to remote monitoring and listener reports, all HPPR stations are operating as expected.

Do you have issues affecting your listening that we don't know about yet? Please let us know. Here's how.

HPPR's Garden City studios lost their internet service from AT&T on Thursday evening and will not likely have it restored by AT&T until sometime Friday. The problem is somewhere in AT&T's network configuration. As a result, the Garden City studios currently have no internet access, including the email communications and the ability to provide an audio stream to the internet.

We apologize for the inconvenience and are working to do everything possible to expedite the restoration of service.

KZAN-FM 91.7, providing HPPR service to Hays, KS and the surrounding area, is off the air due to failure of the satellite receiver used to connect the station with HPPR's studios.  A spare receiver has been sent and engineers are working on replacing the failed receiver and returning KZAN-FM 91.7 to full service as soon as possible.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

If you are experiencing any service problems please report them to us by using the comment section below, emailing Chuck Springer (HPPR's chief engineer) or calling 800-678-7444 during business hours.

When providing your report, please include: