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Debra Bolton

Program Contributor (Cantigas de Santa Maria); Facilitator, One Small Step / StoryCorps

Debra Bolton began in public radio in 1980 as a classical, jazz, and folk music hosts, at different times and in the role of news reporter. She produces about two radio shows annually, one with a focus on Geography Awareness Week in music and the annual production of Cantigas de Santa Maria, which combines her passion for history and music of medieval times.

Bolton has served positions in higher education as an English teacher, a cultural geographer, an Indigenous educator, and as director of intercultural learning and development these past 25 years. Currently, she serves as director of intercultural learning with an academic appointment in Geography and Geospatial Sciences at Kansas State University and American Ethnic Studies. A National Geographic Society Explorer, Bolton continues her research in multilingual, multiethnic, and multicultural communities situated in rural regions of Kansas.

  • In collaboration with StoryCorps, High Plains Pubilc Radio is taking part in the One Small Step project, pairing up High Plains residents with differing views and bringing them together in conversation. Today, we hear from two Kansas residents originally from India as they discuss their views on politics and religion.