Kellen Ague-Kneeland

Program Host, The Final Hour

Kellen Ague-Kneeland is the host of HPPR's forthcoming, regionally-produced Heavy Metal show, The Final Hour. Broadcasting from Garden City, KS, Kellen reaches into the obscure depths of the Heavy Metal underground.

Kellen was born and raised in the pines, the pines, where sun don't ever shine - otherwise known as Oregon.  According to authorities, he graduated from the University of Oregon in 2007 with a B.A. in English, but he claims all wisdom and sorcery can be traced back to strong black coffee.  Consumed by the world of Metal entering the new millennia, today he can be found combing through deafening concert halls and the endless Lovecraftian desert known as "music blogs."  

Stay tuned for more about his show! HPPR cannot wait to bring this unique program to our High Plains listeners! If you have questions, contact Kellen via email.