Kevin Benavides

Kevin Benavides is a News Lab intern for KMUW for the summer season of 2019. As an intern, he aims to learn about as much of public radio and journalism as he can.

He is a senior at Wichita State University, where he is studying Communication, with an emphasis in Strategic Communications. He is expected to graduate in the fall 2019 semester.

Kevin found a passion for writing only recently; he spent his first few semesters studying aerospace engineering prior to making the switch to communication. Switching majors ignited a new line of interests for him, and he wants to expand his skills and experience in the field as far as they can go.

When he is not working at KMUW, Kevin might be found doing several different activities: He enjoys watching movies and playing video games and engaging in discussions about both topics. He also finds delight in going on walks through parks when the weather is nice or trying a craft beer from a local brewer, or even just exploring his environments and seeing where his curiosities take him.

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