Phoo Phae Sone

Intern - Amarillo Studio

Phoo Phae Sone joined High Plains Public Radio in October 2020 through the PRO Internship Program in Amarillo. A senior at Palo Duro High School, her passion for writing is what brought her to the station. She hopes to focus on developing her skills in journalism, cultural coverage, and artist interviews. She particularly excited to research stories for HPPR’s Music Department, including coverage of regional bands, events, and new releases. Phoo Phae has been active in her school's band for years as a drum major, and she also plays clarinet. In her spare time, she enjoys writing poems and reading. Phoo Phae plans to graduate May 2021, at which time she will pursue a four-year degree in Creative Writing.

Just as the seasons are rapidly changing, so is the modern age. Thankfully, we have some guidance on how best to deal with our future-forward present from Texas-based, folk-rock songwriter Vanessa Peters . On her new album, Modern Age, she explores the pressures of living in a difficult "now." Though normally based in Dallas, this album was recorded in Italy where she and her band were located throughout the pandemic.

Discovering one’s identity has never been not a simple task. Emerging singer-songwriter Raye Zaragoza has been using her voice since 2015 to express internal conflicts that many face—conflicts that are worldwide. The New York native, now living in Los Angeles, uses her music to showcase the struggles inherent in embracing one’s identity, as well as speaking for aggrieved people and giving them the courage to take a stand.

As we move into a new year and a new season, HPPR continues to get a lot of new music. One of these emerging artists, Veronica Lewis, joined me for a conversation about her new album, You Ain't Unlucky. This 17-year old boogie-woogie piano player and songwriter blasted to #2 on the Billboard Blues Album Sales Chart the first week of March, which is quite an accomplishment for an artist so young.

After the year we’ve all had, there's nothing better than anticipating some down-home Christmas cheer and celebration. For those in Oklahoma, mark your calendars for the 28th Annual Chickasha Festival Of Light, which runs now through December 31st in Chickasha, OK. This year, the festivities will also feature music from regional folk duo The Imaginaries.