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Advances in technology, along with an unusual alliance of green and red politics, have spurred the growth of wind energy across the plains states. Yet the uncertainty of short-term tax credits has also created cycles of boom and bust that may harm the industry in the long run. The Economist magazine provides a good overview of the current state of play.

The 1996 farm bill authorized an incentive program to help farmers buy more efficient irrigation equipment to save water. An estimated $4.2 billion in conservation subsidy payments have been made since 1997 and the program is under scrutiny in the current debate over a new five-year farm bill. And questions are being raised over whether the water conservation promoted by the program has actually led to more overall water use.

Some farmers are feeling a bit defensive – or put-upon -- these days. Take the recent experiences of Bob Young, for instance.  The 69 year old raises 36-hundred hogs on the land where he grew up near Rochester in central Illinois.  When he was getting ready to build a hog confinement facility seven years ago some area residents, concerned about the potential smell of the place, filed suit.  A court order stopped construction for 18 months.

Kansas Bureau of Investigation documents suggest that the events described in two crucial chapters of Truman Capote's "non-fiction novel", In Cold Blood, differ significantly from what actually happened. Writer Kevin Helliker explores this new evidence and other findings in a recent Wall Street Journal article.

Kansas faces a $234 million budget deficit. How would you resolve the problem? Cut taxes or raise them? Increase spending or downsize government? The Kansas Health Institute has created the Budget Puzzle as a tool that allows you to fashion your own version of the next state budget. Give it a try.

Stay tuned to HPPR throughout Christmas Day and enjoy a full schedule of special programs drawn from the greatest Christmas traditions of music and words spanning the centuries of time and the continents of the world.

Keep HPPR with you this Christmas Eve and enjoy a full schedule of special programs drawn from the greatest Christmas traditions of music and words spanning the centuries of time and the continents of the world.

Most of HPPR's network of stations will be on-and-off the air on Thursday, December 6th between 1 and 3 pm CT due to required maintenance work.  During this time technicians from the Public Radio Satellite Service will be making adjustments and upgrades to satellite system that HPPR uses to distribute programming to its 21 FM stations.  The most likely period for being off-air will be between 1:30 and 2:30  pm.

Arthur Rothstein / Farm Security Administration

Books and films about the Dust Bowl era, including Ken Burn’s new documentary The Dust Bowl, draw heavily from the deep archive of photographs and films created by the Resettlement Administration and Farm Security Administration from 1935-1942.  You can peruse this collection yourself at the Library of Congress’ online catalogue of the collection.  The catalogue is indexed and easily searchable by place names and subject area

Tune to HPPR for continuous election coverage on its FM stations and web stream from 7pm-2am CT.  Coverage may extend past 2am if the presidential race remains undecided.  

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KTDH, 89.3 FM is now on the air providing public radio service for the first time to Dalhart, TX and surrounding Dallam and Hartley counties of the northwest Texas panhandle.  HPPR thanks and congratulates everyone in the Dalhart community who has made this station possible, especially  Scot and Sylvia Renick, Jim McDaniel and Sherry Hanshew, Gerald Burney and Dean Graham.  We look forward to serving everyone in the Dalhart community for years to come. 

HPPR will provide live coverage of the final presidential debate on all of its broadcast stations and web stream on Monday, October 22, starting at 8 pm CT.

HPPR will provide live coverage of the second presidential debate on all of its broadcast stations and its web stream on Tuesday, October 16, starting at 8 pm CT.  HPPR.org will feature a live chat hosted by NPR's Frank James as well as live blogging from NPR’s It’s All Politics blog.

Kansas governor Sam Brownback is raising concerns about the national and global economy to justify state budget cut planning, deflecting concern over the impact of large tax reductions approved last year.

Emails were sent last week by Kansas Commerce Department Secretary Pat George to 25 Main Street programs, including Garden City Downtown Vision, informing them of elimination of the program.

Growing urban areas adjoining the High Plains are becoming major customers for the region's water. What was once considered a production input is now the final harvest in southeast Colorado.

Garden City has prospered by the labor, customs, and culture of hardworking immigrants from Old Mexico.