Rafael Rodriguez


Rafael Adrian Rodriguez joined HPPR’s Amarillo Studio team in 2018 as an intern through Amarillo Independent School District’s PRO Internship program. Loving this new chapter of his senior year, Rafael spends his time on the job writing promotional copy, recording spots for airplay, working on digital media projects, and editing audio. Between tasks, he often raids the refrigerator, chats with the staff, and researches ways to make the most of his time working in public radio.

In his spare time, Rafael produces sick beats for his hip-hop endeavors, working on his own music and collaborating with local artists. He aspires to become a successful music engineer, producing for big-time names. He hopes to attend college at Georgia Tech, the home to many accomplished producers – and he’d love to be a part of the hip-hop music scene in Atlanta. Rafael also loves playing basketball, watching UFC, listening to music, and playing Fortnite (when there’s time!). He’s thrilled to spend his time supporting public radio in the Texas panhandle.

High Plains Public Radio wants to thank Tom McDaniel, Co-Founder and Chairman for the Songwriter Serenade, for his time this week. He joined me over the phone to share information about his exciting event, which takes place Saturday, May 4th in Moravia, Texas. (The contest is now open, though!)

Much thanks to Garden City’s own Olivia Hanigan, a gifted high school student who was recently selected as one of 45 international World Science Scholars. I was delighted to speak with her about this incredible achievement over the phone, and the interview aired on High Plains Morning today.