Richard Bassett

Richard is a graduate of The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Arizona. He spent three years working for Studiomedia Recording Company in Chicago, where he furthered his audio engineering education. After one too many battles with the snow and the cold, Richard returned home and enrolled in The University of Oklahoma. He is currently a junior pursuing a degree in anthropology.

In the first half of 2019, 38 businesses have announced plans to make investments in Oklahoma. Journal Record editor Russell Ray discusses the reason for this wave of investments and the potential economic impact on the state.

Tom Cochrane is a professional geologist and writer who spent 25 years in Oklahoma working in the oil industry. But the former "Big Oil Insider" has since morphed into an avid environmentalist. He's written a book about his experiences called, Tornados, Rattlesnakes & Oil.

KGOU's Richard Bassett sat down with Cochrane to discuss the work.

In this week's episode of the Business Intelligence Report, Journal Record editor Russell Ray discusses a recent proposal by the Oklahoma Ethics Commission, which, if approved, would allow the agency to begin controlling so-called indirect lobbying. A rule change that Ray says "has sparked a heated debate over the need for transparency versus the need for privacy."