Abbott’s Supporters Decry Gridlock During Special Session

Aug 9, 2017

Credit runneralan2004 / Flickr Creative Commons

With seven days remaining, the special session of the Texas Legislature appears thus far to be a bust. Gov. Greg Abbott convened the session in hopes of furthering his own legislative agenda, after a contentious and mostly fruitless regular session.

But, as The Texas Tribune reports, not a single bill has made it through both houses and advanced to the Governor’s desk during this special session.

The hardliners in the Senate have consistently clashed with the more moderate forces in the House of Representatives, resulting in gridlock. The House’s slow and deliberative process has drawn criticism from some of Abbott’s more gung-ho supporters.

Prospects are grim for Abbott’s controversial bill banning trans Texans from using the bathroom that match their gender identity. However, a bill that would control how local municipalities handle their property taxes appears to be gaining momentum.