Air Gun Innovator

May 17, 2013

Terry Tate lives in northeast Texas, a place called Cumby.  Last week we talked with him about hunting with air rifles, and this week I asked him to come back to talk about how he discovered his passion for building them. 

Terry says his interest started with hunting axis deer.  He was using a Korean gun, and there were things he didn't like about the way it worked, so he began learning and developing improvements.  This has led him to a partnership with his friend,  Brandon Clark, who is an engineer.  Together, they use their talents to make custom guns. 

Tate has even made an air shot gun, which was two years in the design process, and then a year making a prototype and perfecting it.  If you are interested in air guns, please contact your State Department of Wildlife in regard to the use of these guns.  

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