Amarillo College Suzuki Guitar Ensemble: In-Studio Performance

May 10, 2018

Instructor Homero Campos and his students, live on High Plains Morning!

A huge thank you to Amarillo College's Suzuki Guitar Ensemble for cramming into the HPPR Studio in Amarillo for an impressive show of skill and talent. 

Instructor Homero Campos's Beginning Guitar Ensemble includes: David Schneider (9); Lucy Schneider (9); Will Albracht (8); Bennett Amos (8); Jonathan Smith (8); and Andrew Davis (9). 

The Advanced Ensemble includes: Ileah Davison (13) and Olivia Smith (12).  To learn more about the 2018 Summer Camps, click here. To get a taste of the room during the in-studio performance, view this short video.  To listen to the full performance and interviews, click the link below.