Amarillo Filmmakers Take Up Nationwide Challenge

Aug 24, 2016

Co-director Matthew Rowley, right, edits a short film project Sunday along with members of the team: Paul Gall, from left, Anna Taylor, Kyler Kuykendall, Gracelyn Tardy and Eleisha Miller for the 48-Hour Film Project.
Credit Sean Steffen / Amarillo Globe-News

This past weekend, young filmmakers in Amarillo participated in a harrowing competition. The effort was part of a nationwide contest called the 48-Hour Film Project. Actors, producers, directors and photographers from Amarillo raced around town, bringing their stories to life.

Each team had a few constraints, besides the time limit: Every film had to contain a deck of cards, a waiter or waitress named Charlie Bowers, and the line of dialogue, “Which way did she go?” Participating groups wrote scripts on Friday and filmed Saturday. The teams had to edit and submit their films by 7:30 p.m. on Sunday.

Caroline Kenealy, producer for the Amarillo Film Project, said it was a wild weekend. She thinks the completion would be perfect for high school students, saying: “We need to turn the heat up on their creativity, get them energized, growing, bubbling and making things.”