Amarillo Man Plans to Ride a Horse to Dallas--to Raise Money for the Homeless

Sep 15, 2016

Kit Rudd
Credit Michael Schumacher / Amarillo Globe-News

An Amarillo man who made headlines last month for his creative way of helping others is at it again.

Last month Kit Rudd gained statewide attention for living among the homeless in Amarillo to call attention to their plight. And now Rudd has announced that, later this month, he plans to ride the 300 miles to Dallas on horseback.

As profiled in The Amarillo Globe-News, Rudd calls himself a “Jesus-loving country outlaw.” He plans to hand-deliver a check by horseback to a Dallas charity that builds tiny houses for the homeless.

Rudd is currently on the lookout for people and businesses to sponsor his trip. “This is about one community helping another,” he said. While in Dallas, Rudd will seek donations to bring back to Yellow City Community Outreach, a Panhandle homeless charity.