Amarillo's Homeless Population Growing

Feb 28, 2019

Credit Public Domain via Pixabay

Amarillo’s homeless population has increased over the last year, according to the results of a count performed in late January.

As The Amarillo Globe-News reports, Amarillo currently has almost 70 more homeless people than it did in January of last year. The city will perform another count in July, as mandated by Federal Housing and Urban Development regulations. According to the most recent report, Amarillo holds 331 unsheltered persons, and around 400 homeless who are either living in shelters or in transitional housing.

Transitional housing is defined as a two-year residential program for persons with moderate needs.

The number of unsheltered homeless has risen dramatically over last year, with 331 this year compared with only 107 last year.

However, the rise in unsheltered people may be partially due to more efficient methods of surveying the city during this year’s study.