Amazing Medical Discoveries of 2015

Dec 25, 2015

Credit Wikimedia Commons

Amid all the political bickering, many good things also came out of 2015. The Huffington Post has published a list of amazing things we learned about the human body in 2015. For example, scientists discovered a virus that has the potential to permanently cure blindness. Doctors are on track to being able to detect schizophrenia by using a simple throat swab. They’ve also found a way to replace a human trachea with a healthy replica, using a 3D printer.

Another important finding: High levels of “prebiotic” gut bacteria may help curb depression and anxiety. More good news this year: Insulin shots for diabetics may soon be a thing of the past. Robotic high-intensity focused ultrasounds may be able to treat prostate cancer with no recovery time. And doing squats can help you avoid dementia. Things seem to be improving every day.