Bill extending setbacks for oil and gas activity near schools struck down by Colorado Senate

Apr 14, 2017

Credit Creative Commons CC0

Despite pushback from several people who testified in favor of a bill that would prevent oil and gas producers from drilling wells within 1,000 feet of school property lines and extend setbacks for oil and gas activity was struck down last week by the Colorado Senate.

As the Denver Post reports, Senators on Wednesday voted 5-6 against House Bill 1256.

Oil and gas representatives said current law, which measures the setback from school buildings rather than property lines, is working well.

Supporters of the bill said current regulations could potentially allow an oil and gas production site in a school’s baseball field or playground area, as long as the well is 1,000 feet from the school’s building.

HB1256 passed the Democrat-controlled House but had not been expected to make it through the Senate. It is the latest conflict in an ongoing battle over the regulation of oil and gas drilling near communities in Colorado.