That Boy Is LUTE'acris: Jacob Johnson on HPPR

Aug 28, 2018

"That's part of the fun of friction pegs." —Overheard by Jacob Johnson, Lutenist, at HPPR Studios in Amarillo.

High Plains Morning wants to thank Jacob Johnson, classical guitarist and lutenist based in the Dallas area, for stopping by the HPPR Studios in Amarillo for a quick chat and performance.

We encourage you to find out more about Jacob and his work! Here are a few links to his Facebook and his website. He also has a few recordings available, including his 2017 EP, Gradvs ad Victoria, available on Bandcamp. (He’ calls it his “guerrilla EP" since it was recorded in the wee hours of the night, outdoors in public spaces, so a few frogs and crickets make a cameo.)

Oh, and please watch him shred Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” on lute.

Here’s a link to our full interview and his on-air performance: