Cattlemen take steps to prevent pinkeye

May 17, 2015

Credit MU Extension

Last summer was a bad one for pinkeye in this part of the country.  The million dollar question is can anything be done to prevent it this summer?  The High Plains Journal reports there are vaccination programs, but there are also numerous strains of the disease.

Elden Cole is a livestock specialist with the University of Missiouri Extension.  He says sometimes during a year of high infection rates, there’s a drop-off in severity for the next couple years.  Unfortunately, that cycle’s not dependable.

Cole has this prevention advice:

·         Control flies

·         Reduce weed, stem, seedhead, and dust irritation

·         Removed affected animals promptly to an isolation pasture

·          Keep the herd in good nutritional shape

·         Maintain records noting the animals with breakouts

Cole says remember to talk to your veterinarian about their recommendations and that pinkeye can lead to a loss of 50 pounds of weaning weight.  It can also cause a price discount for cattle showing damaged eyes.