Christmas Requests for President Trump From a Kansas Farmer

Nov 28, 2016

Credit AP photo

The Hutchinson News has published a different kind of Christmas list. This one comes from a farmer in Stanton County, Kansas, and it wasn’t written to Santa Claus. Instead, it’s addressed to Donald Trump.

Here are some of the requests of farmer Jim Sipes.

First, he wants the Trans-Pacific Partnership to pass. Sipes says the TPP would be “very good for nearly all aspects of U.S. agriculture.”

Next, a better Farm Bill than the current one, which Sipes claims provides an inadequate safety net for struggling farmers and ranchers.

Third, he would like to see Trump eliminate the Obama administration’s controversial “Waters of the U.S.” bill. Sipes says the legislation amounts to overreach.

Sipes would also like to see tax reform, and a reform of the federal Endangered Species Act. He says the ESA hasn’t been effective, and goes too far.

Lastly, Sipes would like to see a reform in the way insecticides are regulated.