Colorado governor's race expected to set campaign spending record

Jun 21, 2017


Political strategists from both parties are expecting the 2018 governor’s race in Colorado to shatter state campaign spending records.

Fueling this belief, as The Denver Post reports, is the entry of one – possibly two – wealthy candidates who could take advantage of Colorado’s campaign rules to overwhelm the opposition with money from their own pockets.

On the Democratic side is internet mogul-turned-congressman Jared Polis of Boulder whose approximate net worth somewhere between $140 and $468 million (dollars). Meanwhile, Republicans are waiting to see if their race will be reshaped by Kent Thiry, the CEO of Denver-based DaVita, Inc., who makes about $12 million in annual salary alone.

While all of the candidates looking to replace Gov. John Hickenlooper are among the most talented the state has seen in years, personal wealth matters in the Centennial State for several reasons, not the least of which being Colorado’s strict limits on fundraising but no limit on the amount a candidate can spend from his or her own money.