Colorado Once Again America's Leanest State

Sep 13, 2016

Yoga at Red Rocks
Credit The Denver Post

Despite Colorado’s ballooning population, the state’s waistlines remain as skinny as ever.

Colorado has once again been named the leanest state in America, reports The Denver Post. The announcement means Colorado has held the title consistently for over ten years.

According to the CDC, Colorado also as the lowest rate of adult diabetes, the lowest rate of physical inactivity and the second-lowest rate of hypertension in the United States. But there’s still room for improvement.

One out of every five Coloradans is currently considered obese. That’s a far cry from the 1990, when only seven percent of the state’s residents were obese. Obesity rates also tend to be higher among African-Americans and Latinos.

Louisiana is the heaviest state in the nation. Thirty-six percent of adults there are considered obese.