Colorado Taking Steps To Address Teacher Shortage

Nov 22, 2017

Credit CCO Creative Commons

New efforts are being made to attract new teachers to rural areas of Colorado.

Education officials are finalizing a list of recommendations to address challenges to Colorado’s teacher workforce, and as The Denver Post reports, state officials are considering asking lawmakers to take the bold step of establishing a minimum teacher salary requirement tied to the cost of living.

That is just one of about a dozen recommendations included in a draft report - assembled at the request of the legislature - that also proposes a marketing campaign and scholarships to attract new teachers to rural areas.

The impending report — based on thousands of responses from educators, students and other Colorado residents - is a sort of first step for the state legislature to tackle the state’s teacher shortage.

Since 2010, there has been a 24 percent drop in the number of students graduating from the state’s traditional teacher colleges and a 23 percent drop in enrollment in those programs.