Colorado Voters Will Make Big Decisions In November

Sep 4, 2018

Credit Wikimedia Commons

In two months, Colorado voters will make big decisions that will shape both Colorado and the rest of the nation for years to come.

As The Denver Post reports, if Republican Walker Stapleton is elected governor, it will be the state’s first Republican in 12 years to hold the seat. On the other hand, if Democrat Jared Polis is elected, the state will take a step closer to becoming a Democratic stronghold. 

Here are a few other storylines to watch during the midterm elections.

Democrats, who already old a sizable lead in the Colorado House, will seek to flip the Senate from a current one-seat GOP majority.   

The ballot measure seeking to increase setbacks between oil and gas drilling would increase safety but potentially cripple one of the state’s largest economic drivers. Both Stapleton and Polis have come out against the initiative, saying it goes too far.

Voters will also decide the fate of transportation, school funding, and political boundary measures.