Cruz Visits Amarillo As Campaign Enters Home Stretch

Sep 23, 2018

Sen. Ted Cruz
Credit Micael Vadon / Flicker Creative Commons

Ted Cruz followed up Friday night’s debate with Beto O’Rourke by making a campaign appearance on Saturday at the Botanical Gardens in Amarillo. This is the second Amarillo appearance by Cruz in the last month, as polls show the race tightening.

Last Tuesday, a Quinnipiac poll showed Cruz leading his challenger O’Rourke by nine points, leading to a sigh of relief on the right. But that reprieve was quickly overshadowed by a Reuters poll on Wednesday that showed the Democrat O’Rourke leading Cruz by two points.

On Friday the nonpartisan Cook Political Report responded by moving the race from the “lean Republican” column to the “toss-up” column.

During Friday’s debate, both candidates took off the gloves, with Cruz repeatedly calling O’Rourke a “socialist” and attempting to link the Democrat to Bernie Sanders and Nancy Pelosi. O’Rourke, for his part, accused Cruz of caring more about corporations than everyday Texans.