Democrats' Hopes of Winning Back Senate Continue to Grow

Jul 20, 2016

Greg Orman
Credit AP photo

Democrats are eyeing the Senate hungrily, with their chances of winning back the chamber looking more promising month by month. Kansas now looks to be in play, and the Dems have been hoping to expand the playing field even further into red territory, reports The New York Times.

Kansas was never thought to be in play this year. GOP Sen. Jerry Moran is up for re-election in the Sunflower State. But Democrats are hoping to recruit entrepreneur Greg Orman, who ran for Senate two years ago as an independent, to make another try.

Meanwhile, former Sen. Evan Bayh’s announcement that he would run in Indiana instantly created a competitive race in that state.

Democrats need to net four or five seats to win back Senate control — four if they hang onto the White House and can send the vice president to break ties in the Senate; five if they don't.