Despite big gains, Colorado falls out of top ten states in solar capacity rankings

Mar 28, 2017

Credit Andy Cross / The Denver Post

The solar capacity of the state of Colorado increased by 70 percent last year, reports The Denver Post.

That may seem like an impressive leap forward—and it is—but Colorado’s solar ranking among states actually fell last year. That’s because other states increased their capacity even more than the Centennial State.

Colorado has now fallen out of the top ten in solar capacity among states, despite being a solar leader in the early years of the technology. Rebecca Cantwell, executive director of the Colorado Solar Energy, says the drop is because other states are besting Colorado through innovative policies.

California leads the nation in solar capacity, with North Carolina, Arizona, Nevada, and New Jersey rounding out the current top five. Among states in the HPPR listening area, only Texas cracked the top ten, landing at number nine.