Discarded Cigarette To Blame For Fire Near Colorado/Oklahoma Border

Feb 15, 2019

A cigarette is believed to have caused a large fire near the Colorado/Oklahoma state line Wednesday afternoon.

According to a Facebook post from the Baca County Colorado Sheriff’s Office Thursday, officials believe the 3,800-acre fire on Highway 287 southeast of Campo, Colorado was started by a smoldering cigarette.

Officials think someone either threw the cigarette from a vehicle or while stopped at the sign welcoming drivers to Colorado.

The post said disposing of a cigarette that is the proximate cause of a fire can lead to arson and other criminal charges.  

"It's unfortunate how many fires are caused every year by motorists throwing cigarettes out of their car," said Baca County Sheriff Aaron Shiplett. "I want to remind people of the possible penalties for doing so and express how dangerous it is. Yesterday many people, animals, property, homes and emergency crews were placed at great risk because of someone's carelessness."

The Baca County Sheriff's Office is asking anyone with information to call (719) 523-4511.

Fire crews had the fire 100 percent contained as of Wednesday night.