Faced With Leglislative Inaction, Abbott Threatens Another Special Session

Aug 16, 2017

Credit Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons

Texas lawmakers are preparing to adjourn from their special legislative session on Tuesday night.

But, as The Texas Tribune reports, Greg Abbott is extremely displeased with the progress made on his agenda, and the Governor is even threatening to call another special session until he feels his priorities are being addressed. Of the 20 items on Abbott’s agenda, not a single one has yet received a simple up or down vote.

The Governor specifically called out House Speaker Joe Straus, who he said is particularly responsible for the session’s shortcomings. Straus, a moderate force in the legislature, has resisted items such as the so-called “bathroom bill,” which died a quiet death this week after months of rancorous infighting.

Some GOP leaders say they support the idea of being called back for another session.