Farmers Take To Airways To Reach Trump About Trade Policies

Mar 15, 2018

Credit USDA

Farmers are going to attempt to appeal to President Donald Trump about his trade policies via television.

As Politico reports, the 30-second ad is sponsored by  Farmers for Free Trade, an advocacy group that wanted to make the case that foreign retaliation to Trump’s tariffs on steel and aluminum and other pending trade restrictions will have a potentially devastating impact on their exports, if China and other trading powers decide to boost tariffs on soybeans, wheat and other farm goods.

The 30-second spot was scheduled to begin airing Wednesday through the end of the month during Fox and Friends, Lou Dobbs and Morning Joe – all shows watched by Trump, according to a source familiar with the ad campaign.

In the ad, Montana farmer Michelle Erickson-Jones says, “The crops that we grow here on this farm are exported across the globe. Policies that restrict trade would be devastating for farms like ours. Someday I’d like to pass the farm down to my boys, Mr. President, protect free trade and keep our agriculture economy strong.”