Federal judge indicates he may be sympathetic to sanctuary-cities law challengers

Jun 13, 2017

Judge Orlando Garcia will hear challenges to the state’s new sanctuary cities law.
Credit Courtesy photo / San Antonio Express News

Texas’s most prominent and controversial new law may be in trouble already.

In the short time since Gov. Greg Abbott signed the controversial “sanctuary cities” bill into law, at least six Texas localities have filed lawsuits in opposition to the order. Now, as The Huffington Post reports, the federal judge in charge of one of those lawsuits issued a separate ruling this week that indicated he may be sympathetic with plaintiffs who would like to see the law struck down.

This week Federal ICE officials arrested an undocumented immigrant, and held the man in a Bexar county jail cell even after charges against him had been dropped. U.S. District Judge Orlando Garcia ruled that the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office had violated the immigrant’s rights by detaining him at the request of the Feds.

Later this month, Garcia will hear the sanctuary cities case.