Fires Continue To Ravage Western Oklahoma

Apr 18, 2018

Credit woodleywonderworks / Flickr Creative Commons

Wildfires erupted across Western Oklahoma again on Wednesday.

As The High Plains Journal reports, nearly 325,000 Acres had burned and were still burning as of Wednesday afternoon. This includes 68,000 acres in Woodward County and nearly a quarter of a million acres in Dewey County.

Numerous areas were evacuated. Wildfire dangers continue throughout the week, with red flag warnings remaining in effect until April 18.

According to a report by the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry services, the danger area stretches from Alfalfa County to Tillman County. The weather in Western Oklahoma is making things difficult on firefighters, with very low relative humidity and winds gusting up to 30 miles per hour.

At least one of this week's wildfires was started because of citizens ignoring the burn ban.