Former Kansas Governors Form Bipartisan Alliance to Fight Brownback and His Allies

Jun 25, 2016

Republicans Bill Graves, bottom right, and Mike Hayden, second right, along with Democrats Kathleen Sebelius, top right, and John Carlin, left.
Credit Topeka Capital-Journal/AP

Sam Brownback is making some powerful enemies in his own state, reports The Topeka Capital-Journal. Four former Kansas governors have formed a political group to raise opposition to the policies of the current governor and his allies in the Kansas House and Senate. The effort is known as the Save Kansas Coalition. Former governors Bill Graves, Mike Hayden, Kathleen Sebelius and John Carlin have all sent out letters to potential donors to fund the effort.

While Brownback is not up for re-election, many of his supporters in the statehouse are.

The group is a bipartisan endeavor; Graves and Hayden are Republicans, while Sebelius and Carlin are Democrats. This type of bipartisan alliance of former governors against a sitting governor is unprecedented in the state.

Carlin explained that the state’s inadequate investment in infrastructure and education during the Brownback era has inhibited economic growth.